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The only evidence of the existence of an ancient city on the site of the village of Gorenci was presented by N. Vulić in his work “Novi grobovi kod Trebeništa”, Spomenik, LXXVII, 1934. Simply, he wanted to find the settlement of the people who were buried in the necropolis at Trebenishte. He was told by the locals living in the villages of Orovnik, Gorenci and Trebenishte that only on the site in the front of the village of Gorenci, about 1 km from the necropolis at Trebenishte, remains of houses in the soil appeared. There, Vulić performed preliminary excavations and everywhere he dug he found walls or house foundations of an unknown age. On the same spot Vulić also unearthed remains of a Hypocaustum, a hot bath from the Roman imperial period, with one coin of Emperor Vespasian in it. Based on this observation and other available facts we are convinced that at the village of Gorenci existed the city of Lyncus, the capital of the Kingdom of Lyncus, later also known as the city of Cledo.

The city of Lyncus


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