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Trebenishte is a village located on the road from Ohrid to Kičevo with a distance of about 10 km from Ohrid and 3 km from the shore of Lake Ohrid. In 1918 a necropolis was accidently discovered near Trebenishte and many graves dated back to a period between the seventh century BC and the beginning of the third century BC have been excavated so far. A large spectrum of notably rich funeral inventory comprising vessels, goblets, silver rhytons, decorated helmets, cuirasses, shields, swords, unique golden face masks, hand cover with a ring and sandals was found. The presence of such astonishing grave goods indicates that the descents were members of a mighty ruling dynasty and kings. The abundance of silver, which is one of the features of the graves at Trebenishte, could be explained by the fact that the silver mine of Damastium was controlled by the kings of the Kingdom of Lyncus, before the country was occupied by the Illyrians at the end of the fifth century BC.

The city of Lyncus


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