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 Eurydike - the mother of King Philip II

Eurydike - the mother of King Philip II

Eurydike, the mother of king Philip II was a Lyncestian princess, born in Lyncus at the village of Gorenci, around 410 BC. She was “Arrhabaeus’s daughter’s daughter and the daughter of Sirrhas”. When Strabo (64BC – 24 AD) gave the name of the founder of the Kingdom of Lyncus as Arrhabaues then he also added a piece of Bacchiad genealogy. We learn from Aristotle (384-322 BC) that king Archelaus in 400-399 BC was hard pressed in a war against Sirrhas and Arrhabaeus, the rulers of the royal house of Lyncus. The mysterious Sirrhas actually happened to be a brother of Arrhabaeus, who married his brothers daughter, the mother of Eurydike, an act of endogamy that was a common practice at that time.

The city of Lyncus

A note about Arrhabaeus, taken from Hofmann, Johann Jacob: Lexicon Universale, printed 1698.

Amyntas III, the father of the King Philip II may have married Eurydike already in 393 BC at the time of his accession to the Macedonian throne. This event may have annoyed the Illyrians, giving them the cause to complete the occupation of the Kingdom of Lyncus, attack Macedonia, and install a puppet ruler for two years.

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