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 Object of the Project no. 23 338 U realized in 2006

Project Object

The objective of the project is according to the translation of the project description as follows.

Macedonia Development Center is a forum where the young people of different ethnical and social background will have opportunities to meet each other and to get basic education in the field of IT. Due to the high rate of unemployment and the poor living standard of the people, only few are able to buy a computer and therefore the new technology is not accessible to all. Macedonia is long behind in the use of new technology in the government administration and other society compared with the rest of Europe. We hope that our project will contribute in a positive direction and result in practical use of IT. The aim with our project is to educate as many as possible young people in the age of 13-30 year in basic use of computers and Internet with hope to understand the correlation between the knowledge and the changes in the society.

The project will consist of:

More than 200 people will be enrolled in the project no 23 338 U. The students will be educated by the forum Macedonia Development Center in basic use of computers and Internet as specified below.

About the education:

For detail information about the education program download

"The Course Manual for Beginers (Macedonian Language)" in PDF-format Download The Course Manual for Beginers (Macedonian Language) Course Manual.pdf

The Target Group for the forum Macedonia Development Center is young people in the age of 13-30 years, among the students, the unemployed and those who work. The young person comes from different ethnical groups and social backgrounds in the society, but with the common aim to build a new and better future. To find a job and get employed is of crucial importance for every one today and therefore education and the knowledge in the use of new technology is of importance.

At the recruitment of the students, facts as specified below are considered: