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 Tomb II - Philip's Tomb - The Tomb of Alexander the Great

Tomb II - Philip's Tomb - The Tomb of Alexander the Great

Cut Drawing of Tomb II, Phili's Tomb, The Tomb of Alexander the Great

Tomb II, also known as Philip's tomb is actually the tomb build for burial of the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great. The gold larnax in the main chamber contains the remains of king Cassander while the gold larnax found in antechamber contains the remains of Thessalonice. On the top of the tomb it was found remains of many inflammable objects and two burnt iron swords and one iron spearhead. All those artifacts found there testify that a symbolic burials was performed of Cassander's sons, Antipater and Alexander V, in the moment before the tomb was finally coverd with earth. The young Macedonian kings were killed in 294.

Ivory Heads Found in Tomb II
belongs to members of two Royal families

Philip II,  king of Macedonia

Philip II

Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great


Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia Alexander the Great
  Thessalonice, wife of king Cassander Thessalonice  
Antipater, general and regent of Macedonia


Cassander, king of Macedonia Cassander Iollas, page of Alexander the Great


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