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 Information about the artist Simeon Ivanov - Kango - Artist

Information about the artist
Simeon Ivanov - Kango - Artist

Information about the artist Simeon Ivanov - Kango - Artist

Simeon Ivanov - Kango - Artist

  • Leader of a Hard Rock Metal Band;
  • Poet, Musician, Painter;
  • Ideal and Spiritual creator of KRUNA “MAKTEON” a temple of Macedonian relic, Macedonian Identity, Macedonian People, Macedonian Country, Macedonian culture!

Hi is born in Kocani 1951. He has graduated Primary and High School and a great student and has graduated on the Faculty of Law in Skopje. He is practicing Rock & Roll since childhood and in 2005 will celebrate 40 years. In his long and rich Rock & Roll career he has played with almost every musician from his town and wider. He is playing in a three member band: Kango - Solo Guitar, Vocal, Composer, Text writer, Organiser, Producer, and everything else, and the other two members are Bas Guitar and Drums. Because of the dynamics of living members are changing, the group Kango function… As a result of his practice Kango for 20 years has his own Rocker School - Kango Rock & Roll School. Last members of the Kango Group are Darko Minov Drums and Gorgi - Bas Guitar. Till now he has published:

  • 4 books of poetry
    • Voskresnuvanje - 1988;
    • Voznesuvanje - 1989;
    • Vdahnovenie - 1990;
    • The Poem Raspetie - 1997;
  • From his Rock & Roll creation 6 albums
    • Voskresnuvanje - 1991;
    • Voznesuvanje - 1994;
    • Reinkarnacija - 1995 (Compilation of the best of Jimmy Hendrix - 16 songs in authentic performance of Kango)
    • Vdahnovenie - 1996;
    • Propovedi - 1997;
    • Preobrazbi - 1998 (Compilation of the best of Kango for the 35 anniversary practicing Rock & Roll);

In his rich musician and artist career of 40 years he has played all over Macedonia in every town and village, on all kind of manifestations, celebrations and festivals. But he also has played outside of Macedonia:

  • Zajacarksa Gitarijada 1994 and 2001;
  • Concert in Belgrade and Novi Sad 2004;
  • Concert in Vienna 2004;

He has won several significant prizes for achieved first places and achievements in Rock & Roll music. Plans for the next phase are:

  • Publishing of seventh album - Prorostvo 2004 year;
  • Republishing of all past publishing on CD;
  • Compilation of CD Otkrovenie;
  • Promotion for the 40 anniversary practicing of Rock & Roll and 35 Years of the death of the Hero of Guitar Jimmy Hedrix;
  • Tour trough Macedonia 2004/05, through the Balkan, Europe and the World…

Art works:

Contact adress:

Simeon Ivanov - Kango
Marshal Tito 45
2300 Kocani

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